TedsWoodworking: A Comprehensive Review

If you are someone who enjoys woodworking as a hobby or a professional, you might have come across the name TedsWoodworking. With its vast collection of woodworking plans, TedsWoodworking has gained popularity among woodworking enthusiasts. In this article, we will take a closer look at what TedsWoodworking offers and whether it is worth your investment.

What is TedsWoodworking?

TedsWoodworking is an online platform created by Ted McGrath, a professional woodworker and educator. It provides access to over 16,000 woodworking plans, including step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, and material lists. The plans cater to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced woodworkers.

The Benefits of TedsWoodworking

One of the main advantages of TedsWoodworking is the sheer quantity and variety of plans it offers. Whether you are looking to build furniture, outdoor structures, or small crafts, you are likely to find a plan that suits your needs. The plans cover a wide range of styles and designs, allowing you to explore different woodworking techniques.

Another benefit is the detailed instructions provided with each plan. The step-by-step guidance makes it easier for woodworkers of all levels to follow along and complete their projects successfully. The accompanying diagrams and material lists further enhance the clarity of the instructions.

TedsWoodworking also offers a lifetime membership, which means you have unlimited access to all the plans and resources. This is particularly useful if you are someone who frequently takes on new woodworking projects or enjoys experimenting with different designs.

Is TedsWoodworking Worth It?

While TedsWoodworking offers a vast collection of plans and resources, it is essential to consider whether it is worth the investment. The platform has received mixed reviews from users, with some praising the quality and variety of plans, while others have expressed concerns about the accuracy and usability of the content.

One common criticism is that some of the plans may be outdated or not as detailed as expected. It is always a good idea to read reviews and do thorough research before committing to any woodworking plan, including those offered by TedsWoodworking.

Additionally, it is worth noting that TedsWoodworking is a digital product, which means you will need a reliable internet connection to access the plans. If you prefer having physical copies or working offline, this might not be the ideal platform for you.


TedsWoodworking offers a vast collection of woodworking plans, making it a valuable resource for woodworking enthusiasts. The detailed instructions and variety of designs cater to woodworkers of all levels. However, it is important to do your due diligence and consider user reviews before making a decision. Overall, TedsWoodworking can be a valuable tool for those looking to expand their woodworking skills and explore new projects.

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